Essential Automotive Workshop Equipment

automotive workshop equipment

There are a multitude of types of automotive workshop equipment, each with their own purposes and uses. Much of this equipment is built to be durable and efficient in order to properly serve the needs of the repairmen and ensure that they can do their jobs properly.

Even despite there being such a wide selection of options, there are some that are more important than others. Those that hold more value in terms of necessity are the ones that are imperative to making sure that the repairs can be finished in a quick, reliable manner. Here are some of the essential automotive workshop equipment that should be found in every workshop:

Jacks and Pole/Jack Stands

            A majority of auto repairs will require the vehicle to be lifted off the ground even if only temporarily. Because of this, it is likely that a strong floor jack will be needed in order to give access to the undercarriage of the vehicle without any safety concerns arising. Along with this, high-quality jack stands that can support a lot of weight will be necessary to act as an additional tool to reinforce the strength of the jack itself. To take this even further, pole stands can be used for smaller features of the vehicle such as its axles.

Air Compressor

            An air compressor is the foundation of many of the tools that can be found in an automotive shop. They are responsible for keeping equipment such as pneumatic tools and auto lifts running sufficiently. High-capacity versions of these air compressors are usually the preferred options due to their ability to last for longer periods of time and cut down on the possibility of error.

Oil Drains/Caddies

            An oil caddy will be needed in order to carry out procedures such as oil or transmission fluid changes. For larger workshops that may be working on vehicles that are frequently being raised by lifts, a standing oil caddy that can reach the undercarriage of the car is effective in reducing the amount of time that needs to be spent going back and forth.

Brake Lathe

Worker using a brake lathe tool

            Some workshops prefer to take rotors or drums to other companies in order for them to be resurfaced, however, this can be time-consuming and cut into profits in the long run. It is a better idea to make use of a brake lathe that can take care of these services without having to rely on outsourcing. 

Transmission Jack

            Transmissions are often a common problem that can be seen within vehicles that are facing some type of difficulty. This is why it is important to have a transmission jack that can support these heavy pieces of the vehicle without any damage occurring. It is important that whatever jack is chosen for the shop matches the services offered and, more importantly, can withstand a great amount of use over time. This means that it is best to seek out a high-quality model that can meet these requirements with ease.