List of Global Freight Forwarding Companies


In simple terms, freight forwarding companies handle the import and export of your merchandise and all the logistics associated with it. Before writing a list of companies, let’s get your confusion relieved about whether these companies are worth the expense and investment:

Let’s imagine a scenario: you are the CEO of an electronics company that ships their products to other local suppliers from the mid-Atlantic to the Pacific to the Indian Ocean. You decide not to hire a freight forwarder. Consequently, you have to handle everything from managing storage, cargo insurance, insurance claims, customs, and duties across the states your cargo passes, finding reliable bids for shipping companies, managing any conflicts that arise mid-shipping, working through the bureaucratic red tape of different states, financial transfers across regions, ensuring delivery on time and so on. While you are handling all of that by yourself, or a team of staff that you have hired, you are bleeding time, money, and efficiency. The time that you should have been using making your business grow through innovation or better working conditions for workers or expanding to new markets. You have been stuck sending one cargo to one supplier instead. This is unsustainable and will cost nothing but losses. Hence, it is a rational decision to hire freight forwarding companies to do what they do best so you can do what you do best. It is a small price to pay for the stability of your business in your long term.


List of Global Freight Forwarding Companies:

Now that you have committed to hiring a freight forwarding company for your business, let’s find one that matches your needs. 

  • Active Freight Management Ltd

Based in Berkshire, United Kingdom, Active Freight Management provides air and ocean forwarding. They also deal with logistics of the assigned projects, customs, and duty clearance, providing warehouse and storage facilities, and aircraft and ship charters.

  • Tokyo Freight Services WII

Based in Qatar, Doha, Tokyo Freight has been working since 1992 and is one the most established and trusted freight forwarding and shipping agent in the Middle East and far East. They are licensed and registered and provide customs clearance across the land, air, and sea as well as process documents for export and similar services.


  • National Association Of Freight & Logistics

Worker in a freight forwarding company with piled up boxes

Launched by the Government of Dubai in 1992, the National Association of Freight and Logistics was a response to bring together a variety of freight and logistics providers spread across the country. It is the first national association of freight forwarders in the Arabian Gulf and holds all companies in their group to strict standards and compliance.


  • Noble Shipping Pvt. Ltd. (NSPL)

Based in India, NSPL is a consolidated group of International Ship Owners and Charterers. It was launched in 2002 and has been growing abroad, especially in the USA as a reliable Freight Forwarder. They offer a specialized service known as project cargo/ heavy life. They are fully geared to handle all types of heavy lift and over-dimensions’ cargo/shipments. Irrespective of the port of origin and final destination, i.e. they can pick or drop at any place or port.


  • Delivery World

Based in Dubai, Delivery World is an International Freight Forwarder that focuses on delivery to Russia and the Central Asian States. The company leads in the market of freight forwards in Russia and specializes in air freight and its logistics. They transport any type of cargo – complex, oversized, valuable, and are partnered with 45 major international airlines.