The Best Type Of Treatments With A Breast Surgeon In Berwick

Breast surgeon in Berwick showing a silicone implant to a patient

Breast Surgeon in Berwick is your go-to medical professional that helps with make sure your chest is at its best. There is a range of different treatments with these professionals such as a lumpectomy, mastectomy, lymph node evaluation, and plastic surgery. With all these incredible treatments, you can feel confident that whatever treatment you get will be good for you. The treatments all work on a particular issue with the front therefore it is important to consult a professional to give you the right treatment from your own concern. In this article, we will be looking into the type of treatments that is found with a breast surgeon in Berwick.

Here is the type of treatments on offer with a breast surgeon in Berwick


A lumpectomy is the elimination of the tumour as well as the surrounding healthy tissue. Most of the breast is left. Radiation therapy is the best strategy post-cancer treatment depending on the type of tumour, and the surgery that was done. It is also known as breast-conserving surgery. The lumpectomy makes sure most of your breast has been recovered. Any lumps will be gone with the help of a breast surgeon in Berwick. With a lumpectomy, you will have your chest good as new with their care and precision.


A mastectomy is the surgery that involves the elimination of the whole breast that can be done by our breast surgeon in Berwick. There are many different types of this surgery included skin-sparing mastectomy which is the preservation of the skin of the breast. Nipple sparing mastectomy is keeping the skin of the nipple usually occurring for those who have a gene mutation. The breast surgeon in Berwick we’ll compare how big the tumor is compared to your breast size to see what kind of surgery is best suited to you. With a mastectomy you can’t go wrong!

Lymph Node Evaluation

During a lymph node evaluation, a biopsy is done to see the if there are lymph nodes that are required to be removed. In this case, the breast surgeon in Berwick will remove a few lymph nodes that are causing lymph drainage in the chest. This reduces the chances of lymphedema which is swelling in the arm. This is why it is important to be careful of a sentinel lymph node biopsy compared to people with an axillary lymph node dissection. These professionals put the utmost precision and care into their treatment, making sure that everything is smooth.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is crucial to keeping the natural appearance of the chest. When cancer patients go through treatment, there can be damage to the treatment therefore a breast surgeon in Berwick will be able to preserve it. With a breast surgeon in Berwick, they work to make sure the chest is functioning. They also do treatments on adjusting size through enlargement or reduction based on personal preferences. You can be confident that plastic surgery can give you the confidence to feel like a woman again through this treatment.

The various treatments in breast surgeons in Berwick on offer are sure to make sure your chest is at its best. The treatments you can see include plastic surgery, lymph node evaluation, mastectomy, and lumpectomy. With this incredible list of treatments, you can’t go wrong with hiring these specialists. All these treatments work to fix a specific area in the chest therefore it is important to speak to a professional to get the right diagnosis and treatment. You will have the best support with a breast surgeon in Berwick.